100% Canadian owned and operated

Now established in the heart
of the Okanagan agricultural industry


the Casorso family stems from a lineage of great entrepreneurs, innovators and wine makers.



An immigrant from Italy, the young Giovanni Casorzo (now Casorso) landed in the Okanagan in 1883. With a strong work ethic and passion for the land he quickly cultivated as much as the region had to offer: cattle, hogs, vegetables, tobacco, fruit, and grapes. Mr. Casorso later went on to be involved in the establishment of Kelowna's first winery, Calona Vineyards, which opened in the early 1930s.

The Numbers

Today, the Casorso family continues to nurture the land and be at the agro-economic forefront of their newest endeavour, cannabis cultivation.

With a production target of 30,000 kg/year, creating more than 75 scientific and skilled jobs, the Casorso family remains committed to the Okanagan economy and its future.

Canada has been good to the Casorso familia, as good as the Casorsos have been to Canada.
— John Casorso