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Secrest Facility

The Okanagan Valley, while an ideal location for agriculture, has inconsistencies in weather which hinder year-round cannabis growth. Cannabis requires a range of 21 to 25-degrees Celsius environment and requires 13-16 hours of daily sunlight. The Okanagan winters, on average, have about 8% of sunlight during the 4 winter months, making this a challenge to create a consistent growing environment.


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Indoor Preferred Option

Fast forward over 100 years, the Casorso family continues to nurture the land and be at the agro-economic forefront.
— John Casorso 

Frequently Asked Questions


How will Sarus Cannabis bring jobs to the area?

Initially, Sarus will require local labor for the construction of the facility, parking and other infrastructure. Then once, operational, Sarus will require between 75-100 personnel from master grower, to administrative staff and many jobs in between. We are looking to fill these roles with local, skilled staff providing jobs for the region and giving back to the local communities.

How does this facility affect the local agriculture use by-laws and reduce the land-use footprint?

The new facility will be used directly for agriculture production. By going with an indoor option, the plants are stacked vertically versus horizontally. The alternative to this building, would be a larger land coverage with greenhouses with coverage of up to 75% of the property, creating a much larger footprint.

How does this facility affect nearby properties or public lands?

The proposed location of the building will be situated near the back of the property, away from current residential properties and the building colour will be chosen to blend into the natural setting.

The building will be sealed, to ensure no light from the indoor growth lights emit outside of the building. In addition, any odor from the growing cannabis will be controlled through a full HVAC system and carbon fiber filters.

How does this facility affect the building coverage ratios outlined in the by-laws?

Sarus Cannabis has noted that the smallest footprint is by going with an indoor facility, it ensures a smaller footprint as opposed to greenhouses, with more control over both the internal and external environments including – light, odor, security and visual impact for the surrounding neighbors.

How does this facility affect the natural site characteristics or environmental qualities of the property?

Natural drainage will be maintained or enhanced, the pond at the bottom of the property will be maintained as good habitat for birds.

Why Oliver and why, specifically, Secrest Hill Road?

Over the last 4 decades, the property has been used to grow food for cattle with intermittent ground crops due to its marginal agricultural use between the valley bottom and the fist bench.

The location merits a strong labour pool (situated between Oliver and Okanagan Falls) and also is distanced far from playgrounds and schools.

Any other Questions?

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